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What's it REALLY like in Music City?

In 2004, I knew two people in Music City. A successful studio drummer named Tommy Wells, and Paul Marino, member of the popular CCM act River. When I visited the city for the first time, they took me out for a meal, gave me advice on how the city works, told me a few places to hang out, dropped a few names, but most of all:

they simply encouraged me. 

(But I still fumbled around for about six months)

There was much I didn't know, and felt bewildered much of the time. But, I kept at it: I came to Music City to play music! 

Four years later, I landed my first artist gig, which opened up a completely new level of experience. Four years after that, I was asked to come down on Music Row and run a newly formed record label. Seeing that industry side and meeting those people was an entirely new level. The next year, ABC's Nashville asked me to play drums for Connie Britton's character, Rayna Jaymes!


After twelve years in town, I remember thinking: 

"How do I play the Opry?"  
"I wonder how it feels to play the Ryman?"  


Within a year, I played both of those stages

Then the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC.  

Then I got my first songwriting cut on an artist album.  

Then I'm Patsy Cline's drummer in a Lifetime movie.  

Then a record producer. 

I want to show you HOW I did it.  

Over the last few years, people began to find me on Facebook or through the Musician’s Union. We go to lunch or have a drink, I give them some tips about how this town works and what their next move should be.

I try to do what Tommy & Paul did for me.

Because I love Nashville and what I do here, the passion and positivity comes through. Sixty to ninety minutes later, they're fired up, ready to take on the world, and thank me wholeheartedly!

I would always think: I should really figure out a way to bottle this somehow to help more folks

Would you like to hear from a few of them? Watch TESTIMONIALS.  

A publisher friend of mine teaches a music industry class at a local college. He invited me in to speak. Two hours later, I got an intern and a recommendation letter out of it!

That's why I launched Music City 101

See WHO would benefit and HOW